Helpful ideas to help make sense of this technology stuff.


VOIP or PBX???

Hosted phones is great but keep your calls on a private data MPLS network. Quality calls and totally secure. Shopping around? Ask if your phone calls use the public domain. p.s. QOS is not enough to keep your calls crystal clear!

Shared or dedicated Internet. Static IP required?

Do you need secure and fibre fast Internet for your business? Do you need guaranteed speeds? Or is shared public Internet good enough for your business? We have the answers! find out more here:

Secure & private Point to Point Ethernet.

Keep your critical data off the Internet, period! A solution more and more companies seem to be migrating to. Sleep well at night.

New office? cabling and data infrascture services.

Bell cabling technicians do this everyday. Your electrician doesn't. His advise cannot go beyond a piece of wire for your IT needs. Consider Bell for your cabling and data server infrastructure needs. Competitively priced.